Moving Beyond Space

UWCSEA Dover Campus, Singapore

Speaking together.
Speaking apart.
Make them speak.

Find the space in between them.
Define the space in between them.
Redefine the space in between them.

Create a connection.
Break the connection.
and a new connection arises.

No matter how far you put them apart, one here, the other across the room they are still speaking to each other,
except the relationship has changed:
what is the new relationship?
Space is Time

Works Featured

Five Grains 2009 Bronze
40 x 33 x 234 cm

Windows to Nirvana #04 2009 Bronze
52 x 36 x 72 cm &
109 x 40 x 84.5 cm

Do-re-mi Series (Do) 2011 Bronze
102 x 67 x 58 cm

Playing Fields – Composition M + N 2014 Bronze
24 x 11 x 13 cm
21 x 11 x 21 cm