Playing Fields

F1 Podium Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Curated by Global Cultural Alliance, Playing Fields is an exhibition by renowned sculptor Kumari Nahappan at The Podium Lounge of 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 1. Titled Playing Fields, the exhibition features Kumari’s now iconic style that takes a playful approach to depict fruits and chilli as sculptural works. Playing Fields is a place flushed hot with desire where apples metaphorically become centres of games and where chillies tango with one another and strut with sexy gestures.

Works Featured

Desire 2014 Bronze on plyboard
55 x 65 x 12 cm

Control Bronze on plyboard
65 x 65 x 15 cm

Plunge 2014 Bronze on plyboard
65 x 65 x 20 cm

Play Out 2014 Bronze on plyboard
125 x 60 x 22 cm

Play In 2014 Bronze on plyboard
125 x 52 x 22 cm