Ode to 30,
Bintan, Indonesia

The 30 magnified saga seeds embarked on a long voyage before reaching the shores of Bintan, Indonesia, where they now reside at The Sanchaya. The waves of emotion, the ebb and flow of the tides, and the encouragement of the wind took them across twenty different seas and oceans, navigating from Asia to Europe and then back to Asia again, before reaching their final space at the heart of The Sanchaya. The seeds emanating energy serve as a reminder of the beauty of nature. The seed, an embryonic plant enclosed in its protective outer covering, is waiting to burst with energy. Once settled, the quest to take root becomes primordial to growth, and strength, and pushing forth a path to the future. The life of a saga seed echoes that of the potential of a human soul, endeavouring to exist in this world of ours.


CHANTING: ROSARY at ANIMA MUNDI International Arts Festival

Palazzo Ca’Zanardi, Venice, Italy

The humble saga seed emanates with a reservoir of latent energy. It speaks of capacities and magnitudes, and it is energy in nature dressed. Evoking nostalgic childhood memories of stumbling upon galaxies of ruby-like saga seeds nestled in the undergrowth and foliage of parks and sidewalks.

Quiet yet enigmatic, the saga seed speaks of an immense propensity and untapped energies. It encapsulates the idea of dormant power, waiting to be ignited. The saga seed is not gregarious; instead, it whispers and radiates with a pervasive life force, pulsing with power residing from within its stasis.

The saga embodies internalised energy that transcends space and time. The
humble seed prevails, surpassing its modest size and seemingly facile nature. Stemming from the idea that all energy is originally formless, as we all once were, the seeds in nature contain and nurture life, and throb with an innate inner life and metaphysical energy.

Work Featured

Rosary 2017 Fibreglass
Dimensions Variable