From The Coromandel Coast to the Straits – Revisiting Our Tamil Heritage
Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore

In “Masala”, she recreates a spice garden to celebrate the historical importance of spice in the trade networks between the Tamil coast and Southeast Asia, as well as the centrality of spice in Tamil cuisine. In this installation, Kumari features three key spices in Tamil cuisine: milagai (chilli), krambu (clove) and jadikai (nutmeg).

The word masala, used widely among Indian communities, refers to a blend of spices. Uniquely composed, be it for use in traditional or modern cuisine, they represent an endless possibility of flavours.

Works Featured

Anchor 2015 Bronze
180 x 60 x 55 cm

The Clove 2019 Bronze
49 X 49 X 175 cm

Nutmeg Seed 2011 Bronze
84 x 76 x 68 cm